Client Testimonials

7:20 pm Heidi White

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients have to say about SEM!

Jeff White, the Director of Sheet Operations at ABCorp, sat down with SEM to explain how SEM disintegrators have been used in their operations for decades for secure information destruction.

“Todd, Don, and Sue, Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule a few months ago to provide us over the phone troubleshooting support. You went above and beyond to help us during a time in need and we really appreciate that. We have been in full operation ever since and we could not have done it without you all! As a thank you, we wanted to send you some treats from England. Enjoy!”

—DoD Client

“We have (and use) three of your shredders – all are rock-solid reliable, and an invaluable part of what we do.  Indeed, we can’t do without them.”

—Don W., U.S. Military Client

Dave Carroll was exceptional! From the moment we met, he was very professional, friendly, and very easy to work with. We had issues with our disintegrator and Dave worked through everything to make sure we were up and running again. Dave walked me through the entire disintegrator and briquettor and he explained how everything worked in great detail. He showed me what he was doing and why. When asked if he was going to lunch, he replied that he was going to work through lunch to get us up and running — and he did! We hope that Dave is recognized by your company for his exceptional professionalism, work ethic, and commitment to getting the job done.”

—Federal Client 

Mr. Eastridge quickly identified the issue with our disintegrator by narrowing it down to a loose wire on the starter.  He also performed a superb job of knocking out the PM, swapping out the blades, and educating our members. Thank you for the exceptional service you’ve provided!”

—Federal Client 

Phillip Ayers interacted perfectly with the site, myself, security screeners, disk technicians. Absolutely silk. He did a magnificent job of telling us what was going on if he needed anything, he kept us going with simple status updates and worked with our Technician to get machines in and out of the room. Phillip was genuinely invested in the work and wanted to be sure that it was done correctly. He wanted to be sure the customer was satisfied and I could see the pride he had in his job. SEM took the site from limping along at about 50 percent up to 100% in a matter of four days. Phillip was clean cut, on time, obviously early to bed and early to rise. He showed great respect to our company. I can’t come up with anything that SEM could have done better. As you can tell, I am a big SEM fan.”

—Commercial Client

“We appreciate SEM and team’s dedication to quality service. Very rare to find such old school philosophy with the new age workforce nowadays.”

—David O., DT Asia Group

“I also wanted to send a few words about Chris Hunt, the unassuming guy that showed up for the last maintenance call. I wanted to let you know, he did THE best service call ever done on my machine. His thoroughness and attention to detail blew me away. Every little I dotted and T crossed. Not only does it sound like it is running in top shape, it actually IS running smoother and better than it ever has. Kudos to the man!”

—Richard S., U.S. Navy Client

“I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how helpful and professional Paul Dettmer was while at our building. He took the time to work through the equipment, perform the PM [preventive maintenance], and offer suggestions on how to avoid any future issues with our equipment. He also made the effort to answer a few questions we had about new equipment we might need later down the road and was very knowledgeable about the various machines and their capabilities. We greatly appreciated his time, effort, and knowledge during this call and wanted to make sure that was passed on.”

—Brandon A., U.S. Department of Justice Client

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