Use and Care of Mixed Media Destroyers

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Use and Care of Mixed Media Destroyers

To ensure optimal performance from your mixed media destroyer, always follow manufacturer’s guidelines for service and maintenance. When used and maintained properly, it will provide years of trouble-free service. The following tips will help keep your machine performing at optimum levels.

Never overfeed – Overfeeding puts undue stress on the motor, gears, and cutting blades. The negative impact of overfeeding is significantly magnified as waste particle sizes get smaller.

Never introduce foreign objects – A mixed media destroyer should only be used for its intended purpose. Never introduce any item that is not approved by the manufacturer. If you are unsure if an item can be safely destroyed, check with the destroyer manufacturer.

Clear jams immediately – An uncleared paper jam can permanently cause cutter misalignment.

Keep Cutting Blades Sharp – Most Mixed Media Destroyers have removable cutting blades that must be kept sharp in order to ensure proper destruction as well as maintaining high throughput rates. Each application is different, so be sure to establish a sharpening schedule based on your level of machine usage.

Make sure proper power is available – If not powered properly, your machine will not run effectively or in some cases at all. Even if the proper electrical outlets are available, they may not provide sufficient power for best performance. Some machines require a dedicated circuit. Another possible reason for an underperforming machine is voltage drop caused by outlets being too far from a circuit breaker. Use of extension cords can create similar problems.

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