Use and Care of Electromagnetic Degaussers

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Use and Care of Electromagnetic Degaussers

To ensure optimal performance from your degausser always follow manufacturer’s guidelines for service and maintenance. When used and maintained properly it will provide years of trouble-free service. The following tips will help keep your machine performing at optimum levels.

Never introduce foreign objects – A degausser should only be used for its intended purpose. Never introduce any item but magnetic media that has been approved by the manufacturer. If you are unsure if an item can be safely degaussed, check with the degausser manufacturer.

Never attempt to operate with doors or drawers open – Most degaussers come with safety interlocks to prevent operation while a door or drawer is open. Never attempt to bypass these safety features.

Have your degausser retested regularly – You can have your degausser tested to make sure it is providing the proper level of sanitization. SEM offers a retest kit for a reasonable fee.

Never remove your degausser cover – You should not attempt to service your degausser yourself. It could be dangerous, and in most cases it will void any manufacturer warranties. If your degausser requires service or maintenance, make sure to have the work performed by factory authorized technicians. The best way to perform maintenance on a degausser is to return it to the factory where it can be completely inspected by experts with access to the necessary diagnostic tools and OEM replacement parts.

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