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8:40 pm Paul Falcone

SEM Product Support

SEM offers global service capabilities to ensure your equipment runs for decades.

Our clients benefit not only from our decades of valuable expertise, but also from our commitment to responsiveness and accountability. By providing exceptional customer service and working as a trusted partner with our clients, we are able to forge robust, long-term relationships that are built on a foundation of knowledge, respect, and integrity.

Bags, oil, blades, and more.

Need some bags and oil to continue successfully destroying classified information? Need to order new blades for a disintegrator system? We have you covered. Check out the supplies we offer online or get in touch with us via chat or a quote request to continue staying compliant and destroying data.


Operator Manuals

Find all of SEM’s product operator manuals to learn everything you need to know about setup, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more.

Data Sheets

Find informational data sheets for each of our products that contain all specifications and features in one, easy-to-read document.


Find videos related to your SEM product that help with maintenance, setup, operation, and more.

Find Your Device Page

Want to find all the information related to your new SEM product? Click the link below to find your new product’s page to access all resources, specifications, and related videos.

Need Some Guidance?

Still having trouble finding the help you need? Contact us today to have one of our service specialists guide you through the process by chatting us in the bottom right corner or filling out our service request form.