ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

3:07 pm Paul Falcone

SEM's Environmental Policy

Security Engineered Machinery is committed to protecting the environment through continuous improvement of our processes, products and services.

We achieve this by:

  • Complying with and striving to exceed all applicable laws, regulations, and company standards.
  • Maintaining Environmental Management Systems which include:
      • Assuring policy implementation
      • Establishing goals and targets
      • Conducting environmental audits and progress reviews
      • Communicating the policy to staff and subcontract services
  • Promoting measures to prevent pollution and reduce the amount or impacts of
      • Air emissions
      • Waste disposal
      • Energy usage
      • Water usage
  • Implementing the reuse or recycling of waste materials.
  • Promoting environmental awareness by making our policies known to our customer base, our employees and all persons that work on our behalf.
  • Encouraging the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials in our research, development, and engineering processes.

In summary, Security Engineered Machinery is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner.