Vandenberg SFB Tech Expo

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Vandenberg Space Force Base, previously Vandenberg Air Force Base, is a United States Space Force Base in Santa Barbara County, California. Established in 1941, Vandenberg Space Force Base is a space launch base, launching spacecraft from the Western Range, and also performs missile testing.

Vandenberg Space Force Base (SFB) contains 99,604 acres of land, operates approximately 16 launch facilities and complexes, and maintains the second largest airfield runway in the Department of Defense, which is 15,000 feet long. The installation provides a safe location for the testing of new and existing Department of Defense sanctioned programs, government and commercial launch and range services, as well as offers future space lift and land based mission capabilities in support of the National Defense Strategy. The installation was used for Army tank, infantry, and artillery training during World War II, and again during the Korean War. In 1957, the installation property was transferred to the recently established U.S. Air Force and was soon transformed into the nation’s West Coast space and missile facility that is now Vandenberg SFB. The unique geographic location of Vandenberg makes this major range and test facility base a safe and ideal setting to test land based strategic deterrent assets, and to safely place satellite payloads into polar earth orbit.



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