Multipurpose Devices

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SEM Multipurpose Devices

NSA Listed Turnkey Disintegrator Solutions

SEM offers a variety of turnkey disintegrators that use the same technology as our full disintegrator kits in a smaller, compact form. These units are evaluated and listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for the destruction of paper, key tape, and CDs.

Paper and Optical Solutions

Need to destroy both paper and optical media including CDs, DVDs, and BDs? SEM offers a dual solution to destroy both materials to NSA standards in one, convenient device.

IT Combo Solutions

Not every site is working with just HDDs or SSDs — and that’s where SEM combo shredders come in. This line of shredders offers destruction capabilities for  HDDs and SSDs as well as other small eMedia in a single unit with a dual feed chute.

VK Disintegrator Systems

SEM VK Disintegrators include a SEM engineered disintegrator and integrated external waste collection air system. These entry level kits give you everything you need to get started to destroy paper, optical media, small e-media, key tape and more.

VKE Disintegrator Systems

SEM VKE Disintegrators include everything in a VK plus an integrated sound enclosure and master control panel. These kits are designed for efficiency, cleanliness, and operator health and safety.

VKE Green Disintegrator Systems

SEM VKE Green Disintegrators include everything in a VKE plus a powerful briquetting system that reduces paper waste by 90%. These kits are designed for ultimate operator and environmental health and safety.

What's In a SEM Purchase?

Access to a Global Service Team

Our clients benefit not only from our decades of valuable expertise, but also from our commitment to responsiveness and accountability. By providing exceptional customer service and working as a trusted partner with our clients, we are able to forge robust, long-term relationships that are built on a foundation of knowledge, respect, and integrity.

Internal Customer Care, Parts, and Supplies

Need some bags and oil to continue successfully destroying classified information? Need to order new blades for a disintegrator system? We have you covered. Check out the supplies we offer online or get in touch with us via chat or a quote request to continue staying compliant and destroying data.

Looking For Something Specific?

Looking for something specific? Check out our device finder page to find exactly what you’re looking for with your own search parameters.

Need A Quote?

Know what solution you need and ready for a quote? Feel free to click the link below to have one of our business development managers reach out to you directly after filling out our quote request form.