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Destroy Enterprise HDDs and SSDs at any Scale or Environment

Enterprise Destruction

SEM is the only manufacturer that offers enterprise destruction solutions for HDDs, SSDs, and motherboards. These cutting edge solutions include solid steel cutting heads and are available in standalone or combo units that are capable of destroying thousands of drives per hour to a consistent particle size — even thick enterprise drives with multiple steel plates.

Colocation Sites

In data centers, every bit of space counts — and in colocation sites where space is rented, the complexities of space requirements and data destruction are a real challenge. SEM offers a variety of units of various sizes, portability, and throughputs to meet even the most demanding space requirements.

Hyperscale Environments

Large hyperscale data centers house an incredible amount of data where drive turnover is a daily occurrence, necessitating rugged, reliable data destruction equipment that consistently performs drive after drive. SEM offers high security, high volume destruction devices that can meet — and exceed — your needs on a global scale.

A History of Trust

Google’s abundant commitment to data protection is displayed in this video by virtually touring visitors through each step of their multi-layered, high security system. Custom SEM equipment is used and trusted in their mysterious final layer of security to destroy end-of-life drives that house the world’s data.

Dedicated Product Line

In 2021, SEM launched the Data Center series line with the DC-S1-3 combo, the first in the industry that is specifically built to the needs and specifications of data centers. This state-of-the-art SEM innovation is capable of shredding enterprise HDDs, SSDs, and motherboards in one device.

Scalable Solutions


Need a hard drive crusher to dispose of a few drives or a full hyperscale solution to destroy thousands of drives across multiple locations? SEM has you covered. With in-house engineering, a global service team, and unparalleled customer support, a SEM solution includes much more than a data destruction machine: it includes the service, support, quality, and efficiency that the federal government has come to rely on for over 50 years.


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Whitepapers and Resources

Data Security and Decommissioning in a 5G and Streaming World

SEM President and CEO Andrew Kelleher weighs in on the effects of 5G implementation and the importance of a data destruction plan within data centers in this informative whitepaper.

Media Sanitization: Best Practices for Organizations

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it” – Stephane Nappo.

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Popular Data Center Solutions

SEM Model DC-S1-3

The Data Center S1-3 HDD/SSD combo unit is specifically designed for the destruction of enterprise rotational/magnetic drives and solid state drives such as those found in data centers. While the S1-3’s compact footprint is ideal for data centers, don’t let its small size fool you: the S1-3 boasts an impressive 3HP motor, high torque, and 3-phase power, ensuring the S1-3 performs consistently drive after drive.

SEM Model 0101 HDD Crusher

At the touch of a button, the SEM Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher delivers 12,000 pounds (490K PSI) of force to a conical punch causing catastrophic trauma to the hard drive chassis while destroying the internal platter. The unit is quiet, smooth and virtually vibration free.


SEM Model 0305 HDD/SSD Combo

The SEM Model 0305 Combo destroys up to 800 enterprise HDDs per hour to a particle size of just 1.5″ wide, and SSDs to a particle size of 0.375”. In addition to destroying HDDs and SSDs, this device is capable of securely shredding optical media and other various kinds of smaller electronic devices, such as cell phones, smartphones, memory sticks, and more.

This robust hard drive shredder uses specially crafted saw tooth hook cutters, allowing it to shred up to 50 hard drives in a minute and is the perfect destruction solution for centralized destruction areas and data centers.

SEM Model 0304 HDD/SSD Shredder

The Model 0304 HDD/SSD combo shredder is a 20HP high torque shredder that includes two separate feed openings for HDD and SSD media.

The Model 0304 is a high volume system designed for production-like environments with extremely high volumes, up to 1,400 enterprise and/or up to 3,500 consumer drives/hour. The system uses specially designed solid steel saw tooth hook cutters to chew up the rotational hard drives to a 1.50″ particle size and solid state drives and devices to a particle size of 0.375″ wide.

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Paper/Optical Shredders

SEM offers a variety of paper and optical shredders for classified and confidential information listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL), as well as industrial solutions for commercial partners to meet standards across HIPAA, FISMA, and more. Find the perfect shredder to meet your organization’s volume, speed, and size for paper, CDs, DVDs, and BDs.

IT Solutions

SEM has a complete line of IT destruction devices that includes a variety of crushers and shredders for HDDs, SSDs, and small eMedia storage devices. The IT line also includes degaussers that are listed on the Evaluated Products List (EPL) to permanently scramble the binary field of magnetic storage devices such as HDDs and data tapes per NSA standards.

Multipurpose Solutions

Not every organization is destroying one type of media – and that’s where SEM multipurpose destroyers come in. These USA manufactured devices can destroy a combination of optical media including CDs, DVDs, and BDs, small eMedia devices like flash drives, Iron Keys, and SSD chips, paper, key tape, and more.

Disintegrator Solutions

SEM designed the world’s first paper disintegrator in 1968 and we’ve been perfecting the solution ever since. SEM disintegrator systems come in a variety of value kits with endless customization options to meet any organization’s high security data destruction needs. Fully scalable from small room solutions to full warehouse destruction environments.

Need Some Guidance?

Want to learn more about SEM Data Center Solutions? Contact us today to have one of our specialists guide you through the process of finding the perfect customized solution for all your data destruction needs.