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SEM Custom Solutions

The world is changing, and we are changing with it.

Follow the Data

SEM has been providing high security information destruction solutions to the federal government for over 50 years. Our devices can be found in every US Embassy, Federal Reserve, every branch of the military, the FBI, the CIA, and the DoD.

But sensitive data now lies in areas far beyond the federal government, and today, SEM develops and supplies high security information destruction solutions to commercial clients, including Fortune 50 companies, data centers, cloud solution providers, financial institutions, healthcare companies, casinos, and other security-focused entities. Increased security regulations and a heightened awareness of the criticality of cybersecurity on a global level have brought SEM squarely into the commercial marketplace.

“SEM goes where the data goes, and today, that data is everywhere.”

– Ben Figueroa, Head of Commercial Sales

Every Solution is Unique

Need a couple paper shredders to destroy Personally Identifiable Information (PII)? Need a full warehouse size destruction facility? We have you covered. With in-house engineers, service techs that travel globally, and a robust customer care team, a SEM device includes much more than a data destruction machine: it includes the service, support, quality, and efficiency that the federal government has appreciated for over 50 years.

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Scalable Solutions

As a customer-centric organization, we custom engineer solutions to precisely fit our clients’ needs, and we support the product every step of the way. Our services include superior sales support, research, recommendations, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and post-sales support and maintenance.

Designed to Meet Any Regulation

We have you covered.

We provide solutions to meet every possible regulatory requirement, including NSA top secret, NIST 800-88, HIPAA, FACTA, FISMA, PIPEDA, PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, GDPR, FTC, and Intergraf.

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Paper/Optical Shredders

SEM offers a variety of paper and optical shredders for classified and confidential information listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL), as well as industrial solutions for commercial partners to meet standards across HIPAA, FISMA, and more. Find the perfect shredder to meet your organization’s volume, speed, and size for paper, CDs, DVDs, and BDs.

IT Solutions

SEM has a complete line of IT destruction devices that includes a variety of crushers and shredders for HDDs, SSDs, and small eMedia storage devices. The IT line also includes degaussers that are listed on the Evaluated Products List (EPL) to permanently scramble the binary field of magnetic storage devices such as HDDs and data tapes per NSA standards.

Multipurpose Solutions

Not every organization is destroying one type of media – and that’s where SEM multipurpose destroyers come in. These USA manufactured devices can destroy a combination of optical media including CDs, DVDs, and BDs, small eMedia devices like flash drives, Iron Keys, and SSD chips, paper, key tape, and more.

Disintegrator Solutions

SEM designed the world’s first paper disintegrator in 1968 and we’ve been perfecting the solution ever since. SEM disintegrator systems come in a variety of value kits with endless customization options to meet any organization’s high security data destruction needs. Fully scalable from small room solutions to full warehouse destruction environments.

Need Some Guidance?

Want to learn more about SEM Custom Solutions? Contact us today to have one of our specialists guide you through the process of finding the perfect customized solution for all your data destruction needs.

U.S.S Pueblo Incident

Do you know how SEM was founded? After the U.S.S Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans during the Korean War, SEM founder Leonard Rosen designed the worlds very first paper disintegrator and put the company on the map that brought us to where we are today.