Wait, This is a USB Drive?!

August 11, 2020 at 9:41 am by Paul Falcone

USB devices have been the technological highways that bridge data between devices for over 24 years. First released in 1996, a universal serial bus (USB) was introduced to the market that could transfer data at 1.5 Mbit/s. The most recent technology is USB4, which is able to transfer data at over 40GBits/s and is expected to hit the commercial market in 2021. For comparison, every 1,000 megabits is equal to 1 gigabit, which means that the latest technology when compared to its original version is over 26,000 times faster.

That’s a lot of data.

But that’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about finding some of the most unique, weird, or interesting USB storage devices that I can find on the internet, so here it goes.

Bury Your (Digital) Secrets

Just in case you needed to do some grounds work while holding onto some data, this USB might be the perfect fit. This shovel USB from the subreddit DiWHY might be just what you’re looking for. It has a dual feature design that allows you to both store data *and* dig holes.

A Wealth of Data

In 2012, Swedish jeweler Shawish Geneva unveiled the world’s first all diamond ring for the grand asking price of 70 million dollars. More importantly, they later additionally unveiled a USB drive inspired by Alice in Wonderland that cost over 36,000 dollars for just 32GB of storage. That’s 1,125 dollars a GB. The mushroom designed drive can be seen in all of its shiny glory below.

Bite for Byte

Hungry? Turns out people love to make USB drives that look like food! A small sample on the menu today: watermelon, strawberries, sushi, or maybe even a bottle of Canadian Club or Jack Daniels? Personally, if I had a sushi USB drive I was staring at all the time it would increase my weekly sushi consumption to daily sushi consumption.

Data, Locked and Loaded

Make sure you have the ammunition needed to store your data. These USB devices will give you the feeling of having the firepower to match the speeds of the data you’re transmitting. Want to live in a steampunk world with a Gatling gun? Got you covered. Want to lay down some cover with a grenade? Got you covered for that too.

Do it Yourself

Speaking of all this DIY, why not do your own data destruction yourself while you’re at it? No matter what kind of USB devices you own or how expensive they are (looking at you Sweden), know that SEM has you covered for any and all destruction needs and requirements. Several of our multi-media disintegrators would be the perfect solution to ensure that no one is able to ever pull any information off of old hardware.

Take the SEM Model 200 disintegrator for instance, capable of shredding all USB thumb drives and a variety of other electronic media devices to a particle size as small as 2mm.

Then maybe you can use that shovel USB to bury the remaining shredded pieces out somewhere no one will find. Talk about DiWHY, huh?