Understanding Dual Stage Destruction – Is it Right For You?

December 21, 2010 at 2:34 pm by SEM

SEM DUAL STAGE systems are just that, a two stage destruction system consisting of both a primary and secondary destruction device. A heavy duty bulk pre-shredder serves as the primary stage, allowing for over sized items such as rolled architectural drawings, full burn bags, large manuals, and high volumes of bulky material to be reduced in size. This allows for the secondary stage, consisting of a rotary knife mill disintegrator, to more easily and effectively reduce the waste down to its final NSA evaluated particle size. By utilizing a pre-shredder as the primary stage, a smaller more energy efficient disintegrator can be utilized for the secondary stage. Additionally, the 5 bladed solid rotors achieve more throughput with less HP than open rotor designs through increased cutting inertia and more cuts per rotation.

Why it might be right for you:

Single stage destruction systems require much larger disintegrators and more HP in order to destroy the same volumes and thicknesses of material. As with all single stage systems, many items have to be sorted, resorted, and then reduced in thickness prior to destruction, which can ultimately be unproductive. Dual stage systems can easily handle these applications, and are simply the fastest, most efficient way to destroy classified bulk material. Why spend all the extra work sorting and pre-shredding the items yourself prior to destruction? Let the dual stage system do the work.

Dual stage systems also prevent overfeeding and system jams. Anyone familiar with disintegration knows that misuse of the machine and overfeeding can cause a jam. Instead, using a pre-shredder will allow the material to be greatly reduced with less energy and work for the machine. This also saves disintegrator blade wear at the same time.

A dual stage system is a security solution designed to destroy a high volume of bulk material that is energy efficient and significantly reduces the time your organization spends on destruction. For the less time you have to spend on destruction at any volume, the more time you’ll have to build something else.

SEM dual stage disintegrators have been evaluated by NSA and meet the requirements of NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for Paper Disintegrators for paper, key tape and CDs.