State and Local Government – The Importance of Destroying of License Plates

June 4, 2017 at 11:41 am by SEM

State and local governments all know the importance of personal information security. Items such as paper, computers, and phones all have varying degrees of sensitive information that need to be destroyed. But what about license plates?

Think of what a license plate actually does. According to Wikipedia…… “The purpose of a license plate, also known as vehicle registration plates or tags, is to identify the car and its owner as well as to show that the car is registered with the government and has been through specific tests to ensure the car is safe to drive”. Because of potential security risks associated with license plates when they become damaged or unable to be read, DMV’s typically require that they be returned the state before a replacement is issued. But once returned, what happens to them?

What Happens to Old License Plates?

The unfortunate truth is that many are simply uncertain on what to do with them. They typically end up stockpiling in basements or storage warehouses. As the saying goes, “out of site / out of mind”? So the million dollar question is “How can licenses plates be disposed of in an efficient and effective manner?

License Plate Destruction Solutions:

A very popular solution for state and local governments is to shred them. Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) offers a variety of effective shredding solutions. The SEM Models 0300, 0304, and 0305 are capable of shredding license plates. These low speed, high torque shredders use specially designed saw tooth hook cutters to chew up plates down to a 1.5 inch wide particle size, with smaller sizes of 1” or .75” are also available. These units range from 1.0 HP to 20 HP and can shred between 300-3,000 plates per hour. They are easy to use, quiet and can discharge the shredded material into a variety of waste collection containers.

If you are a state or local DMV and need to destroy anything from licenses, parking stickers or even license plates, SEM has a solution to meet your volume and price requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs.