SEM Paper Shredders Awarded Prestigious Eco-Friendly “Blue Angel” Certification

May 16, 2013 at 2:35 pm by SEM

Paper shredders manufactured for Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) by German based Krug and Priester GmbH and CO (K&P) have recently been awarded the prestigious “Blue Angel” certification. In addition to the precision and high quality typically found in German made products, these shredders are also loaded with a variety of environmentally friendly features that have earned them this highly sought-after certification.

The Blue Angel is only awarded to products and services which – from a holistic point of view – are of considerable benefit to the environment and, at the same time, meet high standards of serviceability, health, and occupational protection.

The Blue Angel is a German certification for products and services that have environmentally friendly aspects. It has been awarded since 1978 by the Jury Umweltzeichen, a group of 13 people from environment and consumer protection groups, industry, unions, trade, media and churches. Blue Angel is the oldest eco-label in the world, and it covers some 10,000 products in some 80 product categories.

To meet these eco-friendly standards, SEM shredders, that are manufactured by Krug and Priester (like the Model 244/4), integrate features that reduce noise, dust and emissions as well as an energy saving mode which generates no power after a brief period of non-use thus maximizing energy conservation.

After the introduction of Germany’s Blue Angel in 1978 as the first worldwide environmental label, other European and non-European countries followed this example and introduced their own national and supra-regional environmental labels. The common goal of these labels is to inform consumers about environmentally friendly products thereby giving global support to product-related environmental protection.

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