Security Engineered Machinery Supports Asheville Man’s Budding Paper Shredder Business

January 14, 2021 at 8:30 am by Amanda Canale

Security Engineered Machinery, Co., Inc. (SEM), global leader in high security information end-of-life solutions, donated a commercial-grade paper shredder to Asheville, NC resident Austin Ferrell after seeing a local news story featuring Ferrell and his years-long passion for shredding. Ferrell, who goes by the alter-ego “Austin Shreds,” has made a name for himself in his local community by spending his free time shredding paper documents for area businesses and organizations. Ferrell operates out of an office he shares with his mother, Janet Price-Ferrell.
“As a parent of a kid with a disability, you’re always looking for something that your kid enjoys,” said Price-Ferrell. “He will shred for three or four hours a day!” Price-Ferrell added that she was ecstatic for her son to receive his new shredder, adding that “The one he was using did not keep up with him!”

An advocate for others like Austin with intellectual disabilities, Janet Price-Ferrell is also Executive Director of FIRST, a non-profit organization that provides persons with disabilities and their families with programs and advocacy to support and foster healthy, inclusive, and self-determined lives.

“All of us at SEM were so touched by Austin’s story and our shared passion for paper shredding,” added Heidi White, SEM Director of Marketing. “SEM’s heritage is in paper shredders — our company founder actually innovated the world’s first paper disintegrator — and so we wanted to show our support for this incredible young man and his business venture by sending him an equipment upgrade.”

SEM arranged for white glove shipment of a brand-new paper shredder for Ferrell to utilize. The SEM Model 2125PSP is a robust, commercial grade shredder, making it faster, more durable, and far less prone to jams than Ferrell’s existing shredder. It also offers a DIN 66399 P-5 (2mm x 15mm cross-cut) final particle size, making it a more secure shredder option for Ferrell’s blooming business.

When he received his new shredder, Austin was ecstatic to say the least. “He kept saying, ‘awesome,’” said Price-Ferrell. “He shredded for three hours straight and it never overheated.”

Those living in the Asheville, NC area can bring their paper documents to Austin Shreds for destruction in exchange for a donation. To learn more, visit the Austin Shreds Facebook page. To see Austin and the paper shredder in action, visit our YouTube page here.

Austin Ferrell of Austin Shreds
Austin Ferrell of Austin Shreds