Security Engineered Machinery Introduces Manual Crusher for Both HDDs and SSDs

July 30, 2019 at 12:22 pm by Heidi White

Model 0100 SSD/HDD quickly and easily destroys both rotational hard drives and solid state boards without electricity


Security Engineered Machinery Co., Inc. (SEM), global leader in high security information end-of-life solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Model 0100 SSD/HDD manual solid state and rotational hard drive crusher. This new product provides an affordable, efficient solution for organizations with low volumes of hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) requiring physical destruction.

“The 0100 SSD/HDD was designed to be a portable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly option for the efficient destruction of IT media,” said Andrew Kelleher, SEM President and CEO. “This unique device has a low profile, is quiet and clean, and operates by using a simple lever, making it a convenient, safe solution for smaller office environments.”

SEM’s Model 0100 SSD/HDD manual crusher easily destroys both rotational hard drives and solid state boards. The unit includes an SSD kit consisting of a wear plate and press plate for holding solid state boards during the crushing cycle. Manual operation makes crushing drives efficient and versatile, providing ultimate portability and ease of operation. SEM’s Model 0100 SSD/HDD exerts up to three tons of crushing force, and destruction time is five seconds or less. The heavy-duty steel anvil punctures and destroys the drive chassis and platters of HDDs as well as chips found on solid state boards. Quality, solid steel parts ensure smooth and consistent operation.

The 0100 SSD/HDD has a list price of $1,299 and is TAA compliant. An optional stand is available. For more information, click here.

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