Security Engineered Machinery Destruction Devices Showcased in Google Data Center Security Video

September 21, 2020 at 5:17 pm by Amanda Canale

Security Engineered Machinery (SEM), global leader in high security end-of-life data destruction, was recently showcased in Google’s Data Center – Security Risk and Management video. The video, which was published to YouTube, showcases Google’s abundant commitment to data protection by virtually touring visitors through each step of the multi-layered security system.

The video details the six-layer security system the protects data within all Google data centers, ranging from smart fences and patrols that surround the edges of a data center property to the critical physical destruction of hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) once they have reached the end of their useful life. Each additional measure adds a level of complexity and specificity, as even entering the building after initial security outside requires an extra identification check and an iris scan.

The sixth and final layer, which consists of erasing and physically destroying HDDs and SSDs, is showcased at the end of the video with SEM hard drive destruction equipment. Custom engineered to Google’s specifications, the devices shred high volumes of enterprise drives into tiny strips of metal, effectively destroying the platters of the drives, rendering them completely useless.

SEM hard drive destruction equipment can be seen in use in Google’s Data Center – Security Risk and Management video.

“SEM has always been about protecting information from those who wish us harm,” said Andrew Kelleher, CEO and President of SEM. “After 50 years of working with the US Government to protect classified information, it only makes sense for our business to extend to protect individual citizens’ information as well in areas like data centers that house private, sensitive information,” Kelleher added.

The physical destruction location is referred to as “the mysterious sixth layer” by Wong, the narrator of the video. The smallest number of building personnel are allowed in this data destruction room, where drives must be passed through a locker system to even reach the inside the room.

“We are honored to have our machines in use by one of tech’s greatest innovators,” commented Ben Figueroa, Strategic Account Manager at SEM. “We pride ourselves on having the most efficient, secure end-of-life solutions for sensitive data, and to be showcased in this video by one of the world’s largest data holders is a sign we are continuing to engineer our products with the future in mind.”

SEM additionally manufactures destruction devices that are capable of destroying paper, optical media, SSDs, and other electronic media devices for commercial and government clients around the world.