Security and Recycling Don’t Have to be at Odds

December 21, 2019 at 3:01 pm by SEM

When people think of information destruction they typically would not associate it with being environmentally responsible. However, this is completely untrue. In today’s society there are many alternative solutions to help become more environmentally friendly.


When shredded into a cross cut or strip cut particle, paper can be put into the recycling stream and be used to make new paper. In the past, when paper was shredded into a classified particle, the only option was a landfill. This was because paper is extremely hard to handle once it is this size and it has little, if any, recyclable value.

Today we have the option of briquetting. Briquetting is a solution that compacts the confetti like paper into small cylindrical samples which is a 9:1 volume reduction. More importantly, a briquette is something that has recyclable value. These briquettes can be used by Paper Mills as filler for cardboard boxes and manila folders. Also, a study has been performed by Penn University in which they found that a briquette sample has the burn value of soft coal, with half the carbon emission.

Hard Drives

In today’s society we are storing more and more information on hard drives and other forms of media. Because of this, there has been a large demand for hard drive shredding. After being shredded, you may think that the end particle is useless and wonder what to do with it. This shredded hard drive actually has a recyclable value in the aluminum, magnets and PC board. The market for this is always fluctuating, but you will typically see an average recyclable value of $.35-$.40 per pound.

Other Forms of Media

Optical Media – These plastics can be recycled

Floppy Disc – The metal hub and plastic outer casing has recyclable value

Blackberries/PDA’s – Once the Battery is removed, the plastics can be recycled

Computers/Printers – The CPU boards and plastics can be recycled

In the world today it is very important to become environmentally friendly and implement this any way possible. One thing I recommend is when you have something that you plan to destroy, check with a local recycling company because it may actually have a recyclable value.