Reconditioned and Remanufactured Disintegrators

June 10, 2017 at 4:57 pm by SEM

Knife mill disintegrators are widely known as the go to machines for bulk classified document and media destruction. Multiple NSA approvals, very high throughput, and rugged/reliable industrial style quality are all features that make them so popular. SEM disintegrators come in a wide range, from desk top size to massive bulk destruction systems.

What isn’t quite as widely known is that these machines can be purchased at extreme discounts as refurbished versions.

A notable characteristic of SEM disintegrators is how truly long they last. Numerous examples exist of these machines lasting for decades under regular heavy usage. I’ve seen instances of in my travels of machines still running after 28 years. In fact, it is hard to answer the question of how long an SEM disintegrator can last.

It is easy to see which items on a disintegrator see the most wear and could eventually be points of failure. Those parts can be replaced. The overall structure of a disintegrator is thick plate steel with heavy industrial fasteners and welds, not prone to wearing out. By replacing the short to mid-term wear items, even a very old disintegrator can be returned to a condition where additional decades of use can be expected. SEM gets in used machines periodically from customer trade-ins, allowing us to produce a limited quantity of refurbished disintegrators.

SEM has two offerings for refurbished disintegrators. The most basic process is reconditioning. A reconditioned disintegrator has the heaviest wear items changed out if they show damaging wear, including knives, screens, and drive belts. The system is tested for proper operations and painted similar to a new machine. These machines come with a basic warranty.

A reconditioned DS1436 disintegrator.

SEM also has a more deluxe offering, remanufactured disintegrators. These machines receive a greater level of refurbishment. These machines are broken down to their major components. All surfaces are scrutinized for flaws or stress. Once those tests are satisfied, all surfaces are repainted and relabeled like new. All of the consumable parts are replaced with new ones. Each system receives careful factory testing prior to shipment. Best of all, remanufactured systems come with a new product warranty.

Due to the limited availability of refurbished disintegrators, folks who are interested need to check with SEM and our blowout list for up to the minute availability.

Whether reconditioned or remanufactured, a refurbished SEM disintegrator can be a bargain and even a blessing for a tight budget.