Model 23/5 Disintegrator

NSN: Pending

This SEM disintegrator has been evaluated by NSA for Paper Disintegrators, CDs, and Key Tape and is ideal for medium to high volume destruction of paper, optical media, key tape, and a variety of media in various waste particle sizes. Rated by the NSA at 900 pounds per hour for high security (3/32″) paper applications and depending on desired particle size and media type, up to 1,800 pounds per hour for unclassified applications. Select from a variety of waste collection options with either a single or dual bag waste collection air system. Because the applications and destruction requirements for these products vary so greatly and because of the wide range of available options and accessories, we only publish basic specifications on this unit. These systems are fully customizable with added features such as sound enclosures, conveyors, metal detectors to protect and prolong blade life, VFDs to enhance user experience while reducing energy consumption, and touch screen interfaces for ultimate operator ease of use.


Media Accepted: Paper, optical disks, small e-media
NSA EPL Listed: NSA/CSS EPL for Paper Disintegrators, CDs, and Key Tape
DIN Security Level: 66399 T-6, E-5, O-5, P-7
Security Compliance: Classified, CUI/PII, NIST 800-88, DoD Emergency Destruction Guidelines, all commercial destruction regulations
Final Particle Size: 2mm - 25mm, depending on screen
Cycle Capacity: Media dependent
Hourly Throughput: NSA rated up to 900 lbs. per hour; up to 1,800 lbs. per hour
Destruction Specifications: Solid steel (NO hollow spaces) rotor and seven blade cutting system
Special Features:
Feed Opening: 12" x 24"
Waste Collection: Not included
GSA Schedule: Schedule 70
Dimensions (HxWxD): 74" x 42" x 48"
Weight: 2,600 lbs.
Electrical: 3-Phase 208/230/460/575V-60Hz, international available
Power: 30HP (40HP available)
Warranty: 5 year non-wear parts/90 days labor

Additional information

Weight 6242567175 lbs