Hard Drive Shredder Preventative Maintenance Agreement – CONUS

At-site preventative maintenance for SEM Hard Drive Shredders (Model  0300, 0301, 0302, 0303, 0304, 0305, 0315).

Agreement consists of one scheduled visit by an SEM authorized service technician. PM Service consists of the following:

  • General inspection of system to determine damage or excessive wear issues.
  • Greasing of components (bearings, wear plates, pulley bearings, etc.).
  • Lubrication of cutters, chains, and other related parts.
  • Fluid changes in accordance with maintenance schedule as recommended in operator manual.
  • Belt and chain adjustment (system and conveyor).
  • General system cleaning (includes removal of magnet debris from cutting chamber).
  • Inspection of safety switches and push-buttons for proper functioning.
  • Complete evaluation report with service recommendations (if any).

A preventative maintenance visit is recommended after 40 hours of continuous use. Replacement parts (if required) are not included in the cost of the PM agreement. Prices for replacement parts will be quoted prior to work being performed.

Pricing is for locations within the continental U.S. – For locations outside of the continental U.S. Please consult factory for pricing.


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