EZ Price Hard Drive Shredding – Medium Case

Our EZ Price Medium Transport Case holds approximately 50 rotational/magnetic desktop drives. If you have laptop or notebook drives you can fit considerably more (that’s ok with us, the price is still the same!) We’re not picky about what we destroy, so if you’ve got computer backup tapes, floppy drives, optical media, CDs, DVD, cell phones, USB drives, thumb drives, flash drives, etc. — throw those in, too. As many as you can fit, the price is still the same!

When we receive your order, one of our destruction specialists will contact you and arrange to ship you a case. They will also help you coordinate return shipping via a secure transport method.

Once we have your media at our secure hard drive destruction facility, we will inventory it, place it in a locked storage area, and destroy it within 24 hours. Once destroyed, we will send you a certificate of destruction for your records.


  • Case Size=Medium
  • Approximate Drive Capacity=50
  • Destruction Method=Shredding
  • Final Waste Size=1.5″ wide x random lengths

Additional information

Weight 6242567175 lbs