EMP1000-HS Degausser & 0300-1.5 HDD Shredder Bundle H2

Combine the NSA Listed EMP1000-HS Degausser with the Model 0300-1.5 Hard Drive Shredder for a Deguass and Destroy Bundle to completely eliminate high security data from magnetic media in accordance with NSA and DoD guidelines.

For product specifications click on the links below:

NSA Listed EMP 1000-HS ElectroMagnetic Degausser

Model 0300-1.5 Hard Drive Shredder


  • Degausser Model=EMP1000-HS
  • NSA Evaluated & Listed=Yes
  • Hard Drive Shredder Model=0300-1.5
  • Particle Size=1.5″ x random
  • Drives/Hour=Up to 500

Additional information

Weight 6242567175 lbs