Disintegrator Preventative Maintenance/Service

Disintegrator Preventative Maintenance/Service consists of a scheduled visit by an Authorized Factory Trained SEM Service Representative who will perform the at-site Preventative Maintenance 20 Point PM Sentry Plus Service Program.

The service consists of the following:

  1. Remove old knives
  2. Sharpen spare knives
  3. Installation of sharpened knives
  4. Calibrate installed knives to application for optimal performance
  5. Grease rotor bearings
  6. Inspect hopper for easy opening and closing to cutting chamber
  7. Inspect rotor for excessive wear
  8. Inspect screen for proper fit and wear
  9. Inspect drive belt for wear
  10. Adjust drive belt tension to factory specifications for maximum efficiency
  11. Check sheave bolt tension and set to factory specifications

Evacuation System

  1. Inspect fan for proper operation
  2. Inspect evacuation system for leaks
  3. Lubricate and grease air system as required
  4. Adjust flow controls as needed
  5. Inspect filter
  6. Shake filter and empty debris if required

Electrical System

  1. Inspect all safety switches ensuring they function properly
  2. Inspect all starters ensuring proper operation


  1. Complete evaluation report with recommendations


  • SEM recommends three PM visits per year. However, the number of visits is dependent on the volume and type of material being destroyed.
  • Statement of work listed above may change based upon system variations.
  • A second spare set of knives is needed to effectively complete the service call.
  • If the contractor travels to the site and is denied access because of a changing security condition, the contractor can submit a mutually agreed upon amount for travel and time.


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