Degausser Recertification

NSA Guidelines suggest that degaussers “should be retested periodically according to manufacturer’s recommendations.”

The SEM Recertification Program is completed using a high density hard drive providing recertification to factory specification.

There is a big difference in what we provide vis-a-vis competitive services. Some competitors use a low density VHS or data tape. In effect, SEM performs the service in a worst case scenario thus re-certifying the degausser to full factory specifications.

The process is simple:

  • SEM will ship the high density hard drive to you (freight is at no cost to you).
  • You will be asked to run it through the degausser and return it to us (we provide return labels and pay for return freight).
  • Upon receipt of the degaussed recert test drive, we’ll ship it to our testing labs who in turn performs the test using highly sophisticated measuring instruments designed specifically for this purpose.
  • Upon completion of the test, our labs will send us a report of their findings and re-certify the degausser at factory specifications.
  • A degausser recertification report is then emailed to you.

Time to Process:

The time it takes to issue the report is dependent on when the test drive is returned and received at SEM. From that date, the test will be conducted and a report generated in approximately 2 weeks.


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