Briquettor Retrofit Package

NSN: Pending

To reduce waste volume by up to 90% a briquettor can be retrofitted to work with any SEM disintegrator system. Our base model retrofit package includes a single discharge briquettor and necessary components to convert a standard waste collection system into a waste reduction briquetting solution.

Higher capacity briquettors including dual output systems are also available. Please consult factory for quote.



  • Particle Size (DoD)=N/A
  • Paricle Size (Official Use)=N/A
  • Thruput (DoD)=N/A
  • Thruput (Official Use)=N/A
  • Briquettor=Single discharge
  • Feed Opening=N/A
  • Destruction Chamber=N/A
  • Motor=N/A
  • Disintegrator Weight=N/A
  • Waste Transportation=N/A
  • Sound Reduction=N/A
  • Briquettor Weight=1,585 lbs

Additional information

Weight 6242567175 lbs