Briquetting System

SEM is pleased to offer our new line of high capacity Briquettor systems enabling up to 90% reduction in disintegrated waste volume, providing significant savings over the additional waste collection vehicles. Briquettes are highly compressed in sizes ranging from 2.4″ to 3.2″ in circumference and 3″ to 4″ in length. Whatever aspects are important to you from disposal, storage or transportation, SEM briquettors offer you a reliable solution which is designed to work with your SEM disintegrator.

Key Reasons for SEM Briquettors:

  • Reduction of waste volume by up to 90% – and as a result, a significant cost savings of disposal, transportation and storage.
  • Considerable reduction of fine dust and pollutant through compression of waste into clean, compact briquettes.
  • Perfected technology with a high level of operating and maintenance comfort.
  • Low energy consumption and minimal wear costs.
  • Fast on-site service due to SEM’s industry leading service group.

Typical Briquetting System:

A typical SEM briquetting system can be a highly engineered project where SEM reviews existing destruction volumes and the environment where the system is installed in order to optimize both the disintegrator and briquetting equipment for your needs. The system is built around both the disintegrator and the briquetting press. SEM’s standard systems include 45 linear feet of material evacuation and filter system as well as briquette directing tubes. Some additional considerations should include volumes and particle sizes as well as the installation environment.

Optional Features of the SEM Briquetting System:

  • Master system control panel
  • Briquette transfer conveyor and discharge tubes in multiple sizes and distances
  • Increased waste length from disintegrator to briquettor


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