Patch Barracks Classified Data Destruction Facility — A Highly Successful Installation

October 12, 2018 at 8:18 pm by Heidi White

SEM recently installed a classified data destruction facility at Patch Barracks in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany under the direction of EUCOM, AFRICOM, and the 405th Army Field Support Brigade. The centralized facility, in support of local operations, is a green operation  providing for zero landfill and recycle of all materials.  The facility includes an SEM Model DS1436 NSA listed dual stage disintegrator with trio briquettor for bulk paper destruction along with multi-media destruction equipment capable of destroying complete Laptops.  Two SEM Model EMP1000-HS NSA listed high security degaussers, two SEM Model 0304 high volume combo HDD/SSD hard drive shredders, two 0202 Optical Medial destroyers, and an existing SEM Model DS1436 disintegrator provide total redundancy of all destruction capabilities. These devices provide a destruction solution for all levels of classified paper, optical media, and hard drives. SEM’s own Todd Busic, Ricardo Leon, and Don Donahue were on site to finalize the installation and provide systems start-up and training to staff. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Friday October 12th where Garrison Commander Col. Neal A. Corson officially opened the facility for operations. Special thanks to EUCOM, AFRICOM, DPW, and the 405th for working as a trusted partner with SEM to ensure timely and successful completion of this important project.

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the Classified Destruction Facility
The project was completed with support from EUCOM and AFRICOM.
Patch Barracks main gate
Success! The destruction facility is fully operational. Todd Busic is pictured right.
The disintegrators are high capacity, capable of destroying entire boxes of paper material at once.
SEM Engineer Ricardo Leon worked on the master control panel during the installation.
The team even celebrated with a custom made cake.

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