Not Sure What Your Future Destruction Needs Will Be? Consider a Mixed-Media Destruction System.

December 21, 2010 at 1:09 pm by SEM

What are your future destruction needs?

Most of us at one point or another have owned a paper shredder. In most cases it is sufficient enough for destroying most information that is contained on paper. But today, our information is not only printed on paper, it is stored on magnetic media such as hard drives, thumb drives or optical media such as CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs. Obviously any media other than paper in most cases cannot be destroyed using a paper shredder. We need to use something else to render this information useless.

If you have other forms of media you need to destroy, you will need something larger like a disintegrator. A disintegrator is a form of an industrial paper shredder that can not only destroy paper, but it can destroy a plethora of other optical media and small e-media devices as well. A disintegrator works by using a scissor cutting action where rotating knives are spinning in a destruction chamber where it works with stationary knives to slice the material over and again until the material is small enough to fall through a security screen where it is evacuated into a waste container.

Disintegrators come in several different sizes and can be customized to fit your particular location or destruction requirement. Most disintegrators will require 3-phase power which can range anywhere from 208 volts up to 480 volts. For some, this may be too much machine either physically or financially. However there is a solution.

Perhaps the flexibility of a mixed media destruction system is what you need. A mixed media destruction system consists of a specially designed Model 200 series of office disintegrators.


A Model 200 disintegrator will not replace a heavy duty classified approved paper shredder or a dedicated optical media destroyer for shredding CD/DVDs. It will however give you the capability to destroy paper, CD/DVDs, thumb drives, audio tapes and key tape with just one machine. This is paramount to a SCIF or small office that needs the convenience of being able to destroy all of these different types of media with one small space saving office machine.

What are your future destruction needs? This is the question many of us ponder from time to time. The only way to answer this is to be prepared with a device that can destroy almost everything we put our important information on. Just like insurance, we never think we will need it until the time comes.