Have a Disintegrator? Add a Briquettor and Recycle the Waste!

December 10, 2013 at 11:18 am by SEM

One of the challenges that agencies or organizations are faced with is the growing need to recycle anything that should or can be recycled: bottles, paper, cans, plastics, ink cartridges, metal, and more! The need to recycle is expanding within both government and commercial industry.


Organizations that utilize disintegrators to destroy sensitive information, specifically paper, have not been able to recycle the waste due to the very small particle sizes once shredded. Recycling companies have difficulty handling the shredded paper because it is so fine. A briquettor can help solve this issue by compacting the fine shredded material into larger briquettes which makes it recycle friendly. Several organizations are currently recycling their shredded paper using this process leading to cost reductions and increasing their recycling goals.

There are a few ways to get started. First, contact SEM for green solutions and briquetting options. Next is to contact your base recycling center or contracted recycling company to see about recycling options. In most cases, they can accept the briquettes and bale them like other paper products. Base recycling centers at military facilities are often happy to take the briquettes and in many cases will haul the waste free of charge. Base recyclers are also eager to take on more waste to recycle as they are incentivized to increase their program and meet and exceed their recycling goals. This in turn can help with meeting both federal and organizations personal environmental goals. The federal government has already issued requirements that all capital purchases must be made with an eye on environmental impact.

Organizations that use a briquettes will see a 9:1 reduction of waste that can lead to elimination or decrease of hauling costs. It can also help positively impact corporate environmental goals.

SEM has briquettors that can be retrofitted to a disintegrator that is currently in service. An example would be if you are currently utilizing a Model 1012 disintegrator for shredding paper, SEM can provide a briquettor upgrade package to fit your needs. Just contact a representative.