FBI Special Shredder Pricing

7:40 pm Amanda Canale

FBI Special Shredder Pricing

SEM is offering pricing deals on two high security shredders specifically for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The special pricing deals are valid through 31 December 2021. Both SEM hb igh security shredders are NSA/CSS listed and meet the requirements of the new CUI data destruction mandate.

The two specials are on the SEM Model 1201CC Paper Shredder and the 0201OMD Optical Shredder. The 1201CC is NSA listed for paper destruction while the 0201 is NSA listed for optical media destruction through 2024. We have a PDF detailing the special pricing deals that you can download here, and you can click the product page below for complete information.

For more information or to place an order, reach out to
Todd Busic, VP of Sales.
Email address: t.busic@semshred.com
Office Number: (508) 366-1488 x1053

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