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Learn About The Three Step Process

Step One: Degauss

Break the Binary Code

SEM degaussers break the magnetic field on a HDD with an electromagnetic pulse of 2.0 Tesla, rendering the drive completely useless. The first step required in the NSA’s degauss and destroy mandate.

SEM Model EMP1000-HS

NSA Listed Degausser

Take the guesswork out of degaussing rotational media.

Step Two: Destroy

Destroy What Remains

SEM offers a variety of crushers and shredders for HDDs to physically destroy drives once they have been degaussed. Physical destruction is the second step of the NSA’s degauss and destroy mandate.

SEM Model 0101

Low Volume

SEM Model 0315

Medium Volume

SEM Model 0305

High Volume

Step Three: Document

Know Your Data Is Securely Destroyed

By using a SEM iWitness system, HDD barcodes can be used to document the user, date, serial number, and other user-defined fields to create auditable documentation of the drive sanitization.

SEM Degauss, Destroy, Document Bundles

All-in-One HDD Destruction

SEM DDD bundles have everything you need for degaussing, destroying, and documenting HDD destruction. These versatile bundles can meet any volume to ensure every need is met during the data destruction process.

Learn About Other SEM Products

Paper/Optical Shredders

SEM offers a variety of paper and optical shredders for classified and confidential information listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL), as well as industrial solutions for commercial partners to meet standards across HIPAA, FISMA, and more. Find the perfect shredder to meet your organization’s volume, speed, and size for paper, CDs, DVDs, and BDs.

IT Solutions

SEM has a complete line of IT destruction devices that includes a variety of crushers and shredders for HDDs, SSDs, and small eMedia storage devices. The IT line also includes degaussers that are listed on the Evaluated Products List (EPL) to permanently scramble the binary field of magnetic storage devices such as HDDs and data tapes per NSA standards.

Multipurpose Solutions

Not every organization is just destroying one type of media – and that’s where SEM multipurpose destroyers come in. These USA manufactured devices can destroy a combination of optical media, small eMedia, paper, credit cards, casino items, and more.

Disintegrator Solutions

SEM designed the world’s first paper disintegrator in 1968 and we’ve been perfecting the solution ever since. SEM disintegrator systems come in a variety of value kits with endless customization options to meet any organization’s high security data destruction needs. Fully scalable from small room solutions to full warehouse destruction environments.

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